Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

More building

I managed to get myself ready so early, we were able to leave fifteen minutes early!! This meant we could cruise gingerly down Beach Road and there was even time to turn off and see the sea.

I blipped this new construction near the Burj Al Arab a few months ago. Now it seems something very big is coming! You can just about see the mound that's been created between the hotel and the barge. There were tourists on the beach trying to get their BAA pictures. I wonder what they make of all the marine construction equipment which is inadvertently getting into the frame!

I worked from home in the morning. Our web developer is getting increasingly busy with other projects so I ended up having a go at the new Newsletter which I wanted out two days ago. I'm always amazed at how much time gets lost trying to do "simple" things!

We had a quiet afternoon hoping to hear news that the Peugeot will be returned today, but I discovered at 5pm that the part hadn't even been delivered. Argh! I could have gone and got it myself if I'd been notified earlier. Oh well. We seem to be having more trials than normal at the moment. Logic dictates we must stay calm and positive.

G worked on getting a report and some worksheets for a student. I hadn't done the ironing over the weekend, so a few hours got taken up with that! I was happy the Newsletter did get sent, with help from Patrick who finished the bits I couldn't manage! And I discovered the term "sleep paralysis" today - courtesy of G. It turns out it's not uncommon, but scary still the same.

At least the day was clear with a few clouds in the sky that almost brought some rain. There is no pink in this picture, but I hope you will take a few seconds to click here to help towards free mammograms for those who need them. Thank you!

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