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Lobster Blue

Another day of walking and drinking tea and coffee.

I walked south from Bridlington to search for a cafe called The Cow Shed - as recommended by blipper Riversider.

Just over 2.5. miles and and hour or so later I found it and enjoyed a scone and two large cups of lovely coffee.

When I left there were a group of windsurfers setting up their boards so I stayed to watch them for a while. They were really getting some fabulous speed in the strong breeze. One shot in extras.

On the way back I found this wonderfully coloured blue lobster tail (I think it is a lobster) - it was being washed up with the incoming tide. I love the deep blue colour and bits of yellow ‘trim’.

Walked all the way back into Brid town for a pot of tea and a cake - and am posting this blip! Got to collect Mrs madwill at 3:30 and then we will be heading home.

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