By Teasel


TT had an early lecture to deliver, so it was my turn to get BB out.  He is getting a little bit more self-sufficient, in that he can now pretty much dress himself, although he can’t do up his shirt buttons and can’t put his tie on.  Once he was out, I headed to get the train.  It was a lovely morning, but I knew I was heading back into the office to deal with the issue of the moment, though I also knew I had a load of stuff to get through as it was my last day in the office for a week.

The day passed far too fast, I got through everything I wanted to, managed a couple of catch up meetings, but was still running out the door, and missed my train, which meant I got home far too late.  It was a long day, especially as my cold has kicked on and I really wasn’t feeling on top form.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

I therefore had time to kill at the station, this band was playing, so I listened to them for a little while.

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