An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The sniff test...


Had a lovely evening with Agnes and Ele last night (apart from poor Ele having the start of a cold and being exhausted from looking after Esme for three days on the trot.)   Dinner followed by an evening of blethers and laughter.

We were all up at the crack of 10.30 :-))  

A leisurely breakfast before Ele headed off at 1.00pm.  Alan headed off out and Agnes and I headed to Gloagburn for coffee for me, hot chocolate for her and Bakewell tart for us both.  Had a wander round the shop as we left. Lots of lovely things to buy for Christmas but we'd chatted for so long the staff were hovering round about us so we thought we'd just have to go back another day and do it all again but not leave it so late to shop.

Back home and the weather was cold and wet so was lovely to cosy in, have dinner, relax, watch tv and chat.  Oh and drink wine (well Agnes did, I had gin, which I know will come as a surprise to you all ;-)))  

Agnes cracks me up when it comes to her wine choices.  She only likes Rose and it has to be sweet and usually cheap.  Here she is testing the first glass from a bottle I bought for her.  Tesco's Juicy Rosé.  Her expression on the sniff test isn't promising but after her fist sip, her smile told me all was well, then she caught me watching her and laughed at being so picky over a bottle of wine that cost £3.65.  She's such a cheap date :-)))

Sometimes I wonder if, having been best friends since Primary 5 (42 years!!) we might run out of things to talk about.  Thankfully no sign of that happening yet.

Word from the Golfers is everyone playing well and having a great time.  Oh and the weather is in the late 20s and sunny.  Jammy gits so happy for them :-))

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