56 years married today

And we celebrated by gathering in Norfolk all 12 of us. No mean feat with 2 at university. It will be a short visit for Bruce, Hayden and Iona as they will be heading back to Ware at 7am tomorrow. But Mollie will be here until Monday and Manda will take Cameron back to his university room in Norwich later tomorrow.

I managed a run this morning. It had been a week, but it is impossible to fit it in during the week. It's dark and I'm too tired. Once a week is better than none, and I did 4km. I also got some weeding done, but that's a slow job, and I think it's due to rain tomorrow so I wont get any more done then.

Manda and Cameron arrived at just after 1pm. After catching up with everyone, 5 of us drove into Cromer to spend a bit of time and 2ps at the arcades by the sea, then a wander long the pier. We placed our takeaway order, then went home to wait.

We had a nice meal & an evening of playing games. The youngsters are still at it with quite an ancient version of Trivial Pursuits (see my extra photo)

A couple of bottles of champagne and good company made for a nice family day!

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