It's very nice not to have any pictures backed up on Lightroom awaiting my attention. So you might have thought I'd get a fair amount of other things done today, but I didn't. This morning, I pottered around sorting out a few things in preparation for hazelh and mr hazelh coming round for lunch while Mr A did shopping and cooking. I did manage to iron a shirt. But we decided against going for a brief walk around the park, on the grounds I probably needed quiet time.

After lunch, which included not just tomato and basil soup in which some of us drizzled some cream but also flatbreads and then a pudding of roasted plums and plum icecream (which some of us drizzled with cream again....), I decided I was quite concerned about the state of my wound so phoned NHS24. A district nurse was dispatched to come and see me almost as quickly as the service you get when you press the bell when you're in hospital, but he declared the wound fine, redressed it and said that this dressing could stay on, if nothing else happened, until my routine appointment to see the nurse (hopefully to have the clips out) on Thursday.

And after that, all I could manage was a snooze, a bit of reading, and then some more plums for tea (how decadent....well, they needed eating up).

So that's another day of recovery ticked off.

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