By ArcLight

Other people's things

One of the lovely things about our book group is meeting in each other's houses. My friends all have such good taste! C's house is no exception, with a plethora of vinyl.

Slowly a sense of normality is returning. I arranged to meet hazelh at the end of the road and we slowly walked over to C's 'colony' between Lochend Road and Restalrig Road. The hardest bit was navigating the stairs up to the first floor, with an awkward turn at the top. I came back by taxi, and had to leave a little earlier than the others because I was tired. But it was lovey to have an evening out, even though I haven't finished the book. It was an apparently controversial Booker choice, which was ironic as this year's Booker was being announced during the evening as we ate and chatted.

Earlier on, I managed a fair bit of work, although I still find sitting at the table to work on my laptop a bit tiring, so after lunch I put my head down and had 30 minutes nap. I undertook a slightly annoying editing and updating task which is overdue. The other half of the task can be done tomorrow. I hope the bits I've written actually make sense.... It's hard to trust your brain when you've had anaesthesia. Soon, I'll take the plunge and start using my study and desk again, but for now I'm doing most of my work at the dining room table.

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