Excitement in Macclesfield!

Thanks so much to those who sent good wishes for my Aunt-in-Law's funeral which took place this morning. It was a lovely service and an excellent celebration of her long life. It was, as usual in these situations, also a nice opportunity to catch up with relatives and friends, several of whom we'd not seen for ages. It always seems such a shame not to see them more often than at occasions like this.
Later, whilst we were with my Editor's sister back at the upstairs flat where the aunt used to live, we spotted some excitement taking place across the road. I've illustrated the action in the triptych here although the shots were taken on my phone and heavily cropped so the quality leaves something to be desired. I've blurred out sources of easy identification.
Seemingly the police must have been called following concern for the welfare of the occupant of the house, who we believe may have been a drug user. Firstly they spent some time peering and calling through the letterbox (1st picture), and then having failed to receive any reply they battered down the door with the red battering ram you can see on the photos. Unfortunately I missed capturing this moment "on film" - it was all over so quickly! - but in the middle photo you can see the result: it was amazing how readily the main door panel parted company from its frame!
Subsequently the police went inside but mustn't have found anyone there as they then spent some time pondering what to do next - as you can see in the 3rd photo. One hopes that they would later have ensured that the house was made secure again, but we had to leave at that point so we don't know for certain what eventually happened.

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