Interesting morning hearing about the Canadian context for our sector and a lot of discussion about contrasts and similarities with UK and Australia. Group seems engaged and open, with lots of topics to talk about and some good discussion.
In the afternoon we had a tour around the parliament building (with it’s Big Ben lookalike tower). Whilst the main building’s being totally refurbished they’ve built a replacement debating chamber by dropping a steel and glass structure into a previously external quad (extra) - reminded me of the way the extension at the museum in Toronto had been hung around the old building.
After our tour people peeled off to do different things - 4 of us headed to the art gallery and enjoyed the indigenous pieces as well as the contemporary collection. Nice to hang out with some new people and get to know new places.
We walked back - today’s been much colder than yesterday - and saw them changing the guard at the war memorial on our way. Bagpipes and the soldiers in kilts, all very strange!
Another discussion before dinner continuing comparing our various education sectors and political contexts.

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