By Veronica


Our plans for the last couple of days have been somewhat disrupted by a sick cat. We got back from B's at midnight on Saturday and I was then woken at 4 a.m. by a loudly puking cat. He spent the next few hours alternately throwing up  and scrabbling in his litter tray, so I didn't get much sleep. 

He was not in a good way in the morning; baffling, as he'd been shut in the house since 6 pm the previous day, so hadn't had an opportunity to eat anything dodgy. Sunday morning, the day after a bank holiday -- find a vet, hmmm. We did find one willing to see him in La Herradura in the end, so we took him along, and the vet was also a bit baffled. Perhaps he thought we were making a fuss about nothing, since Mystère didn't have a temperature and he'd also stopped throwing up. Then again, he hadn't eaten or drunk anything. So the vet gave him some anti-hairball stuff and sent us off to see if he got better, telling us to bring him back if not.

He spent today hunched on the sofa or the bed looking very miserable. However, reporting back from the future (Tuesday morning) he is just starting to perk up a little, so maybe a second visit won't be necessary (crosses fingers). 

All that said, we haven't been far from home, so it's another garden blip. The garden is "low maintenance", aka parts of it are a bit of a mess, but the cactus and succulent border round the terrace is quite successful.

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