By flavia13


Sorry this is so late, a bit of a day.

Had a good evening at the GPS (Grange Photographic Society) last night, where I met fellow blipper the lovely Ken Petch.  It was lovely to meet him, he is such a good photographer - one day I may get somewhere near that level!!!

I was going to go to Coniston today to take some photos but I felt so tired this morning and have so many photos to go through I decided to stay in and catch up on some of those.

Then had to support G via the phone (he is in Edinburgh) with medical stuff.  Still not properly sorted probably got very painful problems with sinuses or neuralgia - can't get an appointment to see Doctor until Friday.  May have sorted some painkillers he can take whilst on Warfarin, other than paracetamol as they didn't help at all!!!  He did go to dentist and it's not dental so at least that much has been established.

The photo is of the other pansy on the balcony.  It was looking a little sorry for itself so I threw some water at it as the other looked terrific with water droplets on it - I may have thrown a bit too much on this one as it''s looking a bit saturated - it has perked up though.

Hope you are all well.  Sorry for being so late - it's now 20 to 8 pm!!!

Take care, thanks for calling by again and see you all tomorrow.

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