Self seeded!

I managed a really early start, so was in work by 7.45. That way I could leave earlier (which I did!) I didn’t actually get through as much as I would have liked, but we are still plagued with stupid phone callers. I’m not a very patient person, and I’ve never liked answering the have I survived my whole working like in a job where that is key? There has to be something enjoyable out there for me. I do envy people who have a job they love.

At lunchtime the fit club went for a walk. We followed part of the walk in my books and crannies of Norwich walks book. Although all my colleagues know Norwich well, there are always some hidden gems to discover.

I left at 4.25 and was home in time to do about half an hour of weeding. These two sunflowers seeded themselves from the bird seed. It is lovely to see a bit of colour. It was that or my decaying hosta. My favourite plant! I’ll add that as an extra.

Jon cooked tea, while I did a bit more jigsaw. Now waiting for bake-off when I will leave the comfort of my conservatory and move in to the lounge with Jon to watch it!

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