Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Have spent a fair bit of time over the last two or three days uploading photos to Flickr; quite a backlog had built up, but we're getting there. I'd other stuff to do on the computer as well, so it was a pleasant relief to meet friends for coffee this afternoon and engage in real human-to-human interaction.

I had planned to go for a short walk near Banknock, or possibly even along the Canal, when we had finished, but changed my mind when the rain came on with a vengeance on my way home. Instead, I got out the car when I got home, took a few shots of the trees near my house and retreated inside.

With my Blip sorted for today, I returned to the task of clearing my Flickr backlog.

Photography, eh? Taking the actual pictures is only the start...

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