Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mall of the Emirates

I've finally caught up with my blips!

I slept remarkably well last night, so much so, I was actually ready to go earlier than normal for a Friday! I realised when I got home last night that I had accidentally left my Fujifilm camera at the hotel! Fortunately, the staff or trained so well, it didn't take long for me to phone and get it sorted last night, so the first thing this morning was to get my camera.

That was no hassle at all (I'm so impressed). We had a good service and a very good sermon (on Forgiveness). We'd already arranged to have lunch with a couple last week. Today, our group expanded to six, so we ate at one of the food courts in the Mall. I have to say, as a challenge, we got a deal from the app of our local telco. The six of us actually ate for less than £20!!! It was crazy.

The evening has been quiet and G made a mushroom risotto for dinner. It's been good to watch more positive news about Brexit talks. At least the sterling is heading in the right direction!

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