What I'm NOT today.

i.e. "A fun guy".
AKA - never too old to learn. It seems "Button mushrooms" according to WIKIwotnot, are not merely unopened field mushrooms:- 

"Agaricus campestris is a widely eaten gilled mushroom closely related to the cultivated button mushroom Agaricus bisporus. It is commonly  known as the field mushroom or, in North America, meadow mushroom."

I awoke this a.m with a Lurgi. Dependent upon how long a cold takes to "germinate" It may be anybody's.
If ≥ 48 hrs - it'll be home (Penrith) grown.
If ≤ 24hrs - it could be French, German, London, Staffordshire or Shropshire; on account of the assembled hordes yesterday.
Some time ago one of the group I infest ran a spot:-
"Name a town with an odd name." There were plenty, but I didn't see the one I passed through yesterday:-
Musta been a HUGE Lizard, or mebbe it was really a dragon.
Any way. . . . .
On the left - what's "left" of the old Prunus Serrula C/W bracket fungi evert bit as wooden as the tree itself.
On the right - a fresh fungal onslaught. Not related to the cherry, which was, not long ago, surrounded by totally different types of what many call mushrooms.
We grew up with the idea you can eat mushrooms, anything ELSE is a "Toad stool", or just a fungus.

There's, also a Jasminum nudiflora trailer from the parent about 3mtr distant.
Send in the secateurs!

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