By pensionspoet

A bit of new old vinyl!

It was pouring with rain when I went out at lunchtime so I didn’t go far - just to Sue Ryder Vintage - my favourite! Not really anything I needed, but always an interesting browse. I bought these two vinyl records for £2.50. I will play them at the weekend.

Good news, as I was told today that my request to reduce my days to 4 from next April has been agreed. Formalities will be sorted out nearer the time. I’m pleased, and it certainly gives me something to look forward to. It will make a big difference to my work life balance- it feels like I will have more life, and probably not less work, but less time spent at work, at least!

I worked until 5 and was home by 6, cooked a curry which the boys had when they got back from the gym, and then sat down to watch Bake Off on catch up. 3 good contestants through to the final next week - which I will watch Tuesday, when it is aired, not on catch up.

Still feeling tired, so another early night I think.

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