By flavia13


A quiet day today after yesterday.  Much needed.  

I phoned the Kendal surgery to arrange an appointment for Dermatology.  Earliest appointment I can get is 10TH DECEMBER!!!  Eeek.  The bubble will be gone by then (on Monday actually) and should be back to the red circle that I have from the to other two blobs!!  At  leas it doesn't really hurt, except if I accidentally touch it.  The Receptionist was very very pleasant and apologetic, but it can't be helped if they're booked and it's not her fault.  Best to keep appointments for people who are suffering.

Aaah well, will advise my GP when she's back on Monday and see if she wants to try and get me an earlier appointment with either Lancaster or Barrow hospitals, whether it is worth keeping the 10th December appointment or whether to just leave it.

It's weird though how many times  you need to get down on one knee and I have to stop as I can't do that right now, on my left knee and being left handed the right knee never  seems right somehow!!  Aah well crouching it is for now.  NO KNEELING.

No workmen due now until Monday so we just have to live with the lounge in disarray, but at least I've managed to get rid of brick dust.  We have uncovered our two chairs, the TV, stereo and one of the nest of tables, all very well worn and in need of replacement - hopefully start on that  next year!!!

I spent most of the day catching up on my lessons from the EDPS course.  It was all about lenses.  Boy does my brain hurt now.  A bit more understanding though but I'll never be able to figure it all out - but then I don't have to, just enough for me to improve.

Hubby did some repair work to the chimney breast, just the places that you can see where the old fire used to be - the new one is smaller.   So I did a bit of plastering - well OK I filled in one tiny hole!!!

Then after catching up with my photography sites I thought, eeek I haven't blipped and I need to catch up on fellow Blippers bips - so blippety blip what do I do.  

I saw Mr Bumble out on the garden looking all soggy and forlorn and thought it was appropriate for today's weather.  He still looks happy though.  The Soggy Bottom, for those that don't know, is reference to a remark regularly made by Paul Hollywood, Baker and Judge on Great British Bake Off (mostly referring to pastry), which I haven't watched since it switched channels but have fond memories of it.

Thank you for continuing to drop by, will go and check your blips out now.  Take care and see you all tomorrow.

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