Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Before the birds arrive

Most of the holly in our garden never has a berry on it, but this one bush does fruit. This morning the intense colour of the berries and leaves, against the clear blue sky, caught my attention. 

Hobbs has a current series using primary colours, so I thought I might join in. (Sunglasses are advised but will not be provided!)

I walked to the shop and enjoyed the beauty of the autumnal gardens in the village.

This afternoon I've been trying to persuade my monitor, images and printer to synchronise. Perhaps I should stick to mono - I can produce mono prints that I like. Colour is another matter.

Last night we tried to watch The Accident on catch up TV, but the subtitles would not appear. They were alleged to be there.......
We had to give up and return to Words with Friends.

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