According to my tags, this will be sunrise #163 for me. 

It's going to be a busy day so I wanted to post this sunrise before I left the house. I'm headed out to grab breakfast at the deli, then to the Singles club. After that, I have my weekly lab tests and appointment with my therapist.  After walking out on her last week I have no idea what to expect when I arrive today.  By then it will be past time for lunch so I might drop by Triple Play for some onion rings.  Love their onion rings.

I have other errands to run, too.  I'm in need of some cash so will drop by the bank for that and order some groceries for pick up tomorrow afternoon. The fridge is empty and the cupboards are getting bare.

I'd like to have a yard sale next Saturday so I think I'll keep my car in the driveway and start setting up tables in the garage so that they only need to be pulled out that morning. Once I get stuff into the garage, I can begin moving furniture around in the house.  The only thing I'm waiting for now is the delivery of a new mattress. Lots to do and it feels like it's going to be a short week when you add in a couple of physical therapy sessions and a trip to Tucson to see the surgeon. I don't have Jewel scheduled anymore but I'm thinking about trying to get her in a couple of days, especially because I'll need some help moving things around and setting up.  Seems like everyone I ask for help around here has a "bad back."

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