By flavia13


It's an anagram for where I was today (locals will know).  The idea was from a shop/cafe in said area called Posh Sardine.

Have you guessed yet??

OK it's Arnside.  

I just couldn't stick another day indoors, so I thought I would go and do a bit of Christmas shopping.  I prefer to support local shops when I can so although I do a few things on-line, things I can't get locally all other shopping I try to support local businesses.  

The Posh Sardine wasn't open when I got there, as I was early, so I went into The Wagtail for coffee and Sourdough Toast, lovely.  Then did a bit of Christmas shopping (it's about three quarters done now).  I also had a little walk up and down the prom and like the way this tree framed the viaduct so that was my blip for today.  

Photo isn't as sharp as I would like but that goes to prove what I have been learning in the EDPS course, lenses.  I'd got so used to switching lenses and not really concentrating on one style that some things suffered, like sharpness.  Obviously not quite the right settings.  However it's not a bad shot either and very good for my lesson.  So will have to go out again, maybe Friday to do more practicing.

I did wave to Mr and Mrs Knottman, Gladders and C whilst there, people walking past thought I'd gone mad - but then I am so that's OK.

There also seemed to be a photographic club out shooting from the pier as I saw several people, obviously together with cameras and trying varying angles.  I should have plucked up the courage to speak to them but I always get nervous about that unless I'm with another photographer - silly huh!!!

I then returned home for some lunch and put my foot up as I'm supposed to do.  

I've been so wanting to go out for woodland walks as this is my favourite time of year and I would have liked to capture some autumnal colours, but I'm too nervous now in case I get another bite.  Can you get bitten through denim, otherwise how did the last one happen!!  Just being paranoid I guess.  Must get some insect repellant and gaters maybe.

Hope you are all OK, thanks once again for dropping by, I do so appreciate your comments and concerns regarding the leg.

Take care of yourselves and yours and see you again tomorrow.

Arnside Viaduct and Station

This is also my engry for W-I-D-E- Wednesday.  Many thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.  The theme is road or path.  Does this count?  The viaduct is a Rail ROAD and there was a campaign to get a footpath/cycleway a few years ago, I don't know what happened to that.

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