By Pinkhairedlady


Mr PHL and I went to Register house today to research into our family history. £15 gets you access to all the Scottish records. As viewing each record normally costs 25p, the daily fee is a bargain.

I’ve done some before but this was Mr PHL’s first foray into his history. He was a little surprised to discover his great granny had 3 children out of wedlock!

I managed to get some more detail than I had before and discovered amongst other things that my granny on my dad’s side was one of 7 children.

It’s so interesting and I can see it becoming a bit of an obsession for both of us.

I took a walk at lunchtime and bought a cross to add to the Garden of Remembrance in honour of my dad’s father. You can see the photo in extras.

Home with some Halloween goodies but so far not a knock at the door so guess we will be eating chocolate for a while!

Played with a photo of my hydrangeas for Abstract Thursday - thanks Ingeborg for hosting

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