By hazelh

Gormley's SixTimes Stockbridge Man (autumn)

I took this photo of Gormley's SixTimes Stockbridge Man after a visit to the doctor this afternoon. (It was a very quick consultation. I was pretty certain of my condition and the treatment. The GP agreed.) It's interesting to compare this autumn scene with the same one in the spring from 21st May 2019.

Soon after I snapped this shot, Mr hazeh picked me up in a hire car to drive us to St Andrews for the weekend. It was a difficult journey due to the large amount of Friday evening traffic and heavy rain.

We're a bit disappointed with our hotel, which is a bit cramped and careworn. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed an evening game of Scrabble (Mr hazelh won) and steak for dinner.

Exercise today: small amount of walking.

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