Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Return of the Chickadees

For reasons unknown to me, the black-capped chickadees disappeared after they'd fledged their brood and weren't seen again until just about a week ago.  That's never happened before although they usually disappear for about a month after their brood fledges - I've always believed they take they youngsters out into the woods to learn how to survive.  Anyway, lovely to have them back with their cheery little chickadee-dee-dee song and their perky personalities.  And, yes, I'm taking full advantage of the last of the fall foliage as a backdrop here.  The perch is a branch of sumac which I placed in a spot where there would be color behind it from the cherry trees.  

Three nights in a row of frosts have pretty much rendered my garden ... dead although there are still a few things hanging on.  But I will mostly be back to birds now as they bugs are going to be few and far between.  That said, I saw an enormous Common Darner (hawker, dragonfly) in the yard today which was a surprise.

Hubs and I went to the gym - day one for this week.  Happy to say that last week I got my five days in, and I plan to do the same this week.  

Some time in the hide this morning where I was overrun with chipmunks.  Two got into a terrible row in the drain pipe and when one finally ran out, it was missing the end of its tail - and the wound looked very fresh indeed.  So, perhaps all the Stumpy and Stumpy Too didn't lose theirs to predators, but instead to other chipmunks.  Their battles are serious business.  I'll put a shot of the little loser in Extra - it's a young chipmunk but already has some battle scars.  

Tomorrow is TinyTuesday which I am thrilled to be hosting this month.  The tag is #TT232 and the optional theme is "something old".  Have some fun with it!


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