By Incredibish

Tiny Tuesday - Still on two wheels...

The sub-theme of "something old" did cause me briefly to glance into the mirror, but no... :-p I did notice a couple of folk putting up shots of old badges, and I thought; 'well, it was so long ago the certificate has lost the typewriter inked name and date, and only the impressions of the typewriter letters remains'

A careful check under glass showed I received the certificate (number 449/14) that is the backdrop to this badge on the 20th of March 1972. The 7/8" tall enamel badge has clearly seen some action, but I was very proud of my, um, proficiency.

It's not often the pushbike gets shown the outside world any more, but perhaps some of the training and advice that gave me my first two-wheel competence has rubbed off, and kept the shiny side up, and the rubber side down, nearly all the time. Oh, and the certificate really is that faded yellow colour! 

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