By pensionspoet


At last managed a full night sleep, and feel so much better for it. Would have been nice to stay in bed longer, but by 6.40 I had to force myself out. My cold appears to have gone, as quickly as it came. Just left with tiredness and an achy throat which I can cope with. So, just a 3 day cold!!

I got to work just after 8, and have sat with my heated wheaty behind my back all day. At lunchtime I took half an hour, firstly browsing the perfume in Jarrolds where I was able to take a photo of something I like the look of and sent it to Jon. It is a perfume gift set for £62. It at least gives him an idea. He doesn't read my blip, so it's no good my dropping hints in my blip!! Then I went to Jessups where I used one of their computers to order a photo, which will be ready to collect tomorrow. Fingers crossed it comes out ok, although if it doesn't, it wasnt a big expense.

Worked till 5 and now I'm on the bus. I'm dancing tonight, so cant really stay any later. The boys have scouts tonight instead of Thursday, for the next 3 weeks, as they have someone coming in to teach them first aid. But Jon said he will leave my dinner in the oven for me! I'll try to get some washing in the machine before I go out, as our washing basket is like the magic porridge pot at the moment. Then might get a few words with Daniel if he is coming home. He has started his new job, and so far so good. I even found out his proper job title - COMAH Technical Assistant. Control of Major Accidents and Hazards....who ever knew there was such a job!! So pleased he is settling in well!

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