NOT a Gila Monster (whoops)

A Gila monster was not what I expected to see plopping over my backyard wall this morning but a Gila (hee la) monster it was was NOT. Because I was so startled and because he was in motion I didn’t do a very good job of getting the DESERT SPINY LIZARD in focus but this was only the second time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph one, so it will have to do.   If you see one you’re supposed to contact the fire department so they can capture it and release it in the desert. But it quickly became out of my sight so I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate location.

I’ve had lots of time to think about the next steps in my life. I decided that it’s still okay to grieve but that I need to take control of my life. Move forward.

I’ve attended the last couple of Singles meetings on Monday mornings and when no one volunteered to pick up the order of bagels every week I raised my hand. If nothing else, it will force me to get out of the house early and stay involved. Mom would have liked that (she was one of the club’s founders in 2010). I’m also going to volunteer in the library’s computer lab. I’ve done it before and really enjoyed helping people there.

I can’t get back to my PSE class at the camera club yet because I have PT every week at the same time but I plan on attending the new Bird photography special interest group (SIG).

I don’t want to sign up or over commit myself but I do need a purpose and reason to get up in the morning. My new motto (stuck onto every mirror etc in the house) is “It’s my life. Take control.”

That includes taking better care of my physical health. At some point it became too difficult to prepare 2 separate meals: one for the things mom would eat...which didn’t include a single vegetable and the food I needed to eat for the health of my kidneys.  


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