Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Taking a break


So relieved it is Thursday! G has a short-ish day today. There are roadworks happening on the Southbound carriageway and these labourers were gathered for what I reckon was a short break. I actually took this picture, as G got to the car first!

The big thing on Thursday's now is Awana. G kept those little renegades in check throughout the two-hour session. There was a lot less sassiness from them today.

We came straight home for dinner and to recover!!

PS. Forgot to mention. As we can't flyover to HK to visit SweetArt, I set up a Skype session with her so she was on our TV screen. The webcam placed on said TV showed off our living room. We could move around and chat just like normal; drink a cup of tea together even. It was just like a proper visit. I love some of the tech we have these days! :D

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