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 ........... Monday303   (MM303) - with thanks to MerrillHope for the optional challenge subject of "Profile".

I thought these two white ducks, on a black background, would be perfect for a double profile today - they are actually bookends and filled with sand but I have never used them for that. 

They just sit atop a little Victorian cabinet that I've had for about 45 years - I love their smooth lines.  
They are around 9" (22.5cms) high and quite heavy - I bought them in Spain back in the 80's.

I have a hospital appointment in Peterborough tomorrow afternoon and Himself got a call from Boston Pilgrim hospital this morning - they want him back there again on Wednesday for yet another CT scan - they cannot use the normal contrast dye (his kidneys were damaged 25+ years ago by excessive amounts of chemotherapy to kill stomach cancer after he came back from the first Gulf War) so he has been instructed to drink at least three litres (three quarters of an imperial gallon) of water today and tomorrow and even more on Wednesday morning!!!    Poor guy!

Hey ho and away we go - this medical merry-go-round is getting to be less fun the longer we stay on it!!!    :o))    The one good thing from all of this is that they are not hanging around and we are not waiting and waiting for appointments as is normally the case.

Thank you for all your comments, stars and hearts these past few weeks - not to mention all the messages of love and support for Himself - Blip truly is a wonderful place.

~ Anni ~

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