Capital adventures

By marchmont

Wintry glow

A good swim this morning although I had to fight my way out and back in again past lorries and tarmac attached to the CityFibre team.  Hopefully they will be finished soon.  They kept going at 11.  I mused that it is only fairly recently we've observed the silence on 11.11.  It used to only be on Remembrance Sunday.  The first time I did it on THE day was in 1970 in Box Hill, Victoria.  The Australians did observe the silence on the 11th which given their main remembrance is 25 April is interesting.  Musings over. 

Then to North Berwick for an excellent and sociable lunch with A, another A.  Fish, lovely.  I then had a walk along the main street, with a side trip to the front, and some retail therapy.  it was cold, very cold.

Got home to find I can almost park outside the house.  And to continue with the admin - mainly flat and College.  This is like work!

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