Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Orange perception

Finding something that is not considered pretty or likable but is still worthy of a photo.  Today's exercise in 30 Days of Perception is really seeing things that we normally would just ignore as our mind tells us we don't like them.   Or seeing things that we like and photograph because we like them.     Well, I like most everything!   I have been known to photograph animal bones found on the trail, a squashed can or other garbage, the dying and decay of flowers and other natural things.     So it was hard for me to find something that was not appealing.

This is the shipping envelope from Shutterfly for a calendar that I had made for a friend.   Even though it is ripped crookedly the orange and white caught my eye and then I saw the geometric shape of the tear and the shapes of the words, the lines of white.    So I think with those thoughts, this was a worthy subject for a photo. 

We woke up to below freezing temperatures and wind.  I like cold but I don't like the wind!     Will be walking the dog after lunch.  She likes the cold!  

Since it was cold, I pulled out my winter boots,  I have a short ankle length pair and a pair that go up over my ankle but not to my knee.  Then I stopped cold as I started thinking "what if these boots won't work with the crazy sticking out ankle bone and the swelling that happens"?  Yikes!   So I put on some socks and tried on the higher boots...they zip up the side and are soft and slouchy.  I got the zipper up with no problem and they felt okay walking around the house.   Then I tried the short boot.  The zipper ends right below the ankle bone,  they feel okay.  Woohoo!   So I have them on now to go out to  do some errands.  I won't be gone long so we will see what happens.    I REALLY don't want to buy new boots as these we only purchased last winter when they were buy one get one half off.     Keep your fingers crossed that they don't cause me trouble!

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