Last Christmas, our grandson, Harry, gave us a voucher for Afternoon Tea and as it had to be used before the 1st December, thought we ought to book and go.  We have been to Chiseldon House Hotel before, so as it’s not too far from where we live, decided that we would book there again.  Our next door neighbour, Lynn, happens to work there, so she arranged it all, and what a tea it was and in beautiful surroundings.  

Chiseldon House Hotel is an award winning country house hotel set in the stunning Marlborough Downs in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, which I can thoroughly recommend if anyone fancies staying there and having a Blipmeet! 

When we arrived, we were taken to the Borelli Room, a small and intimate room, where there was a quiet hubbub of conversation from people already there partaking of Afternoon Tea - so unlike the noisy and raucous atmosphere of a pub or restaurant.  In fact, one felt one had to speak in “hushed tones” so as not to invade the privacy of those at the next table!

You can see the delight on our faces from the top left photograph in the collage - all selfies, I might add - taken with Mr. HCB holding my iPhone and me using the volume control on my earbuds - so simple, but it works!

Everything was perfect from the finger sandwiches to the delicious, and huge scones with jam and cream - or should that be cream and jam - and going clockwise round the collage, you can see the delights we sampled.  The middle photograph at the bottom shows that we did justice to the tea, with only one enormous scone and the two chocolate bombes left, which we brought home in a “doggy bag”.  As we left, I encouraged Mr. HCB to hold the phone while I took a few more selfies in the grounds with the house in the background.  

So a special “Thank you” to Harry for a wonderful gift, thanks to all the staff involved at Chiseldon House and of course, Lynn for arranging it for us.  I did ask Mr. HCB if he wanted anything else to eat and he suggested “Steak and Chips”  to which my response was “If you want that, you can make it yourself, I'm full!”

“There are few hours in life
     more agreeable than the hour
          dedicated to the ceremony
               known as Afternoon Tea.”
Henry James

P.S.  We had a great Girls About Town programme on the radio this morning, with lots of fun and even some dancing, because Clare and I were so cold - sadly we can’t upload videos to Blip (yet!) so  you will have to be content with the extra of us taken just after the programme had started.  

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