Wild Wallaby

We picked up the hired motorhome this morning which was not entirely straightforward.  As we set off, the fridge door swung open on the first bend and there was nothing we could do to stop this from repeating.  We headed back to the hire place and it was eventually sorted but this had delayed us by a couple of hours.  Not overly happy with all this especially as the van is quite old and not at all what we are used to.

However, we drove down to Port Arthur stopping at a few interesting places on the way, including a tessellated beach pavement - interesting geologically and a local attraction. (extra).

We have ended up on quite a large site - but so spacious that it's very quiet.  It's right in a bush area and we have had the wallabies around and about all evening. I managed to get a view of the joey poking its head out as its mother was grazing.

We sat round a fire pit for a while sharing wine with a couple from Darwin and enjoying the animals around which were not taking any notice of us.  Although they are wild, they are clearly well used to people.

Now for the first night in this 'habitation'!

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