Early morning V&A

I have a four day work gig in Dundee this week. As always I'm never quite sure if the scheduled timings will work out but I knew I had to be on the 08:09 train this morning.

The journey was beautiful through frosted fields with the sun rising over them. It was very cold, but clear and bright and really lovely.

When I got to Dundee the sun was sparkling off the Tay. I took a short detour via the V&A to catch the light on the eastern side of the building. What a gift that structure is to blippers.

The person in charge of today's proceedings decided we should finish early. So I'm now at the station waiting for my (delayed) train home. Don't know what the problem is. It is still very cold but also still bright and sunny. If it stays clear I think we'll be in for another hard frost tonight.

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