By MerrilHope

Fair game

Not for the first time I was so busy at home today (no classes, yay) that it wasn't until my early evening in the fading light stroll that I remembered it is Mono Monday and that I am hosting with the topic of work rest and play. Fear Not!, for most fortuitously, I'd already taken a photo of Persembe snoozing, just because she looked so utterly content - totally oblivious to Harry and his mate Mehtap (Caitlin's cat) who were engaged in extreme rough and tumble catch-me-if you-can play the entire length of the flat, which left only me as the one who was doing any work........

Mono Monday 18th November - the theme this week is 'work, rest and play'. The tag is mm304.  Please join in the fun, interpreting, misinterpreting, (or even ignoring!) the theme in any way you wish. I will give out five happy hearts on Wednesday , as Caitlin and I are travelling to Prague on Thursday for a post midterms four day break. 

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