By davidc

MonoMonday: "Work, Rest & Play"

MerrilHope's chosen MM topic today is "Work, Rest & Play" - for which, of course, one used to be recommended to have "a Mars a day" according to the chocolate bar adverts. (It seems that they no longer advertise that way - maybe the advertising standards authority - or the anti-sugar lobby - caught up with them!)

(Fellow northeast blipper Dollydoug has already blipped a collage of the window displays in her extra here.)

Anyway, I had cause to walk round a fair bit of Newcastle today on various errands (including a dental checkup - thankfully all OK so I've not been indulging in too many Mars bars!). As I went I was looking for suitable blip subjects.

I spotted a chap working with a digger, his colleague resting on a shovel next to him - so that was the first two items covered (I'm not altogether sure that the chap with the shovel was too pleased to be photographed, but I reckoned that just using my phone wasn't too intimidating).

"Play" was a bit more tricky. However as I walked past the Christmas window at Fenwick's department store in the town centre (this year's theme being "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory") I reckoned that the "kids" playing with the tv camera and screen (no doubt transmitting chocolate via television) would do nicely. Blip done.

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