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The night sky at Cawfields Quarry

Please view this blip on a black background!

I had a quiet(ish) day. The surgery staff were trying hard to get in touch with me and it turns out that I have an infection, so I dutifully trotted in to pick up the antibiotics. I might start to feel a bit better after the treatment!

The stair lift was still out of action, so I phoned for help. "It sounds like the battery" said the lovely receptionist. Vince will come later in the day.

The morning flew by. Kathleen visited Mum in the afternoon. Ann (walking festival) came to pick up the stand for the flip chart for tomorrow night's training. This is the first session I have not organised for ages and I'm delighted that others are taking on the jobs. The new committee is doing very well.

Vince came and supplied the new batteries for the lift. It worked immediately.

Tonight I fancied trying some dark sky photography. The forecast was for no clouds and low temperatures. I headed for Cawfields Quarry because it is a designated dark sky area. For about 10 minutes I was on my own, with only the occasional light from headlamps of cars on the Military Road. Then people started to arrive. There were no other photographers, but everyone had car headlights and/or torches. Not ideal.

Two couples had come to see the stars. Two car loads of young men arrived, complete with noisy music. I have no idea why they were there because they did not know about the dark skies.They left soon afterwards with screeching tyres.

A young woman arrived and needed to find an address in Haltwhistle. One of the couples took her. 

By now I was losing my enthusiasm. The sky above me was twinkling with stars and I wished I could stay longer. This is the best image I made. It had a yellowish cast from cars, so I changed the white balance and I like the darker blue effect.

Please view it on black!

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