Mr. HCB has gone walking with a friend this morning, so I had a lovely lie-in, after a good meal out with friends last night, so it was 9.45 before I surfaced - what bliss to be able to do this!  I had my shower, donned my pink robe and purple socks, dried my hair and off I went into the garden.

After Mr. HCB’S little foray into the garden yesterday, when I might add after I had blipped him, he found another eight caterpillars on his Brussel Sprout plants, I thought it might be a good idea to try and find one for the Tiny Tuesday challenge.  

Despite looking under most of the decimated leaves, I couldn’t find a single one - he had obviously done a good job with the caterpillar plucking and throwing yesterday - I reckon he could almost make an Olympic sport out of it!

Anyway, as I wandered away from the brassicas, I suddenly thought of the underside of the lid of the compost makers we have in the garden.  I struggled to get the large black lid off, but managed eventually, and to my delight, there were lots of worms around the inside of the lid - so job done for Tiny Tuesday - and having checked, there is no actual theme, so that’s good.

Because I have a lot of extra photographs left, I decided to make a collage of the other “tiny” things I found in the garden on my walkabout - ice on the log pile, a little worm about to launch itself into the abyss of the green compost bin, dew drops on a sprout plant, (that would make a good song, I reckon, "Dew drops on Sprout Plants", sung to the tune of "Raindrops on Roses" so I will work on that!) with even a little pareidolia in there, especially for my lovely Blipfriend, LSquare, the Queen of Pareidolia, and a frosted cobweb.  

I could have used any of these shots, but preferred the tiny worms, and of course, they speed up the composting process, introduce excellent microbiology into the soil, and aerate and mix the compost ingredients, so win/win for Blip and Mr. HCB!

"The early bird gets the worm. 
     The early worm…..
          gets eaten."
Norman Ralph Augustine

P.S.  Sorry I didn't get back to everyone who commented on yesterday's Blip, but I am most grateful for your comments and stars. 

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