Border Tails

By Swannie

The new wheels!

I’ve had such a busy day off, I could really do with another one just to recover. I had my mock test this morning with Colin, who is a trainee driving instructor. I was delighted to get a high score, but have a couple of things to concentrate on before my official test. After that I went into Gala and popped in to see my friend who has a shop on Chanel Street. I took a quick phone shot of my new car, just to show her and that is the only photo I’ve taken today. I’ve faffed about a bit with it for blip.

I left myself short of time to get some shopping so dashed round Asda and picked up some essentials before coming home for my one hour delivery slot for a DPD parcel. After taking delivery of said parcel, I nipped down to see Tony at St Boswells bus depot for a quick coffee, before coming back home for a delivery from Yodel. Then it was up to work to pick up the key and prep the van for tomorrow.

After tea, I have some ironing to do or I won’t have a shirt for tomorrow.

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