...roses that I bought last week because they were only $5.00 for two bunches. I kept the pink ones to put on the dining room table and gave the yellows one to Mae, who promptly put hers right next to mine, so we’ve both been enjoying them. (I added a chrome filter to these.)
My niece’s birthday is tomorrow (the one who was married last month) so I’m joining the family for dinner at the Highland House tonight in honor of the occasion, & am looking forward to it. Haven’t been there in years. Pat (the carpenter) came with his son (also a carpenter) today, & the inside of our porch is all done now. The outside will be taken care of next spring, as well as staining the inside wood, since it’s too cold to do that now. It looks great!! Hope you all have a great weekend, & thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting FlowerFridays. :))

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