Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


If you know me, you know that 1) I am rarely still, 2) I love being outside, 3) I really don’t like having to take photos through window glass. So this broken foot thing is not playing to any of my strengths. And today I am definitely feeling out of sorts with the whole thing.

I took two photos, both of the non-native European House Sparrows (which aren’t my favorite birds, sorry to say). Nothing special about either shot but I wasn’t inspired to try anything else. I am going to ask Hubs to set up my soft box and lights in my office upstairs, along with a tripod so that I can flex my creativity a bit. If I’m going to survive six weeks of relative house-arrest, I need to have something to keep my creative juices flowing.

On to brighter things...yesterday my phone rang mid afternoon and when I answered I was greeted by Barb (WWombat) from Downunder, where it was a bleary 7 in the morning. We had the most delightful hour on the phone talking about...everything. What a great pick-me-up, for both of us. And isn’t Blip a special place?

I’ve not much else to share today. I’m going to stay right where I am, on the sofa with foot elevated and a cat in my lap.

Happy Saturday.


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