Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Usually this image would have gone in the bin because it is definitely overexposed.  However, as I looked at it more closely, I found that I really liked it.  The feather detail is good and, surprisingly, the whites on the bird aren't blown.  So, yet another American goldfinch.  This is probably a female, although it could be a hatch year male.  

I ran a quick errand this morning, then had a lovely long chat with my nephew's wife.  Nephew is currently deployed so she has her mom helping out with her two lively little boys.  It was great to catch up with her. 

Both of my little mouse traps in the basement were full this morning (frowny face) so my day started with "liberating" two more young mice into the great outdoors.  I theorize that early in the fall a female found her way in, gave birth to a big brood of babies, and now the youngsters are foraging on their own.  There is no other possible reason (in my mind) for so many young mice to be in our basement!  Anyway, these two make 6 in the last 4 days - hopefully this will be the last of it, although I'm not completely optimistic.  Meanwhile, Charlie (the cat) is on high alert and jumpy as hell.  Daft cat.

I just watched Governor Cuomo's press briefing from earlier today - as always, it reduced my stress and inspired me.  His messages about Thanksgiving really hit home for me.  

Thanks for taking care of yourselves, for looking out for each other, for being kind...


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