Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


A few weeks ago, I posted this old white barn because I just loved the way it looks. Today, I met up with two of my birder friends in the same spot and after we scanned the lake for waterfowl (buffleheads and swans), we went across the road and up the trail.  And by the old white barn.  Where I couldn't resist taking a few shots of some of the smaller details.  I had my 300 lens, but my hands were steady today and I was quite happy with the way the images came out.  So, with thanks again to Marlieske, I'm submitting it for this week's Derelict Sunday Challenge.

The only unexpected bird we saw today was not one, but two Fox Sparrows (see them both posing together HERE on Flickr.  These are the first of this species I've seen this year.

I stopped at the butcher to pick up my fresh turkey - a bruiser of a bird but I'm sure we'll enjoy the leftovers all weekend.  Once home, I made fresh cranberry/orange relish and put it in the fridge to let the favors become better acquainted.  And while I was having lunch, I spotted the first American Tree Sparrow of the year on the patio.  I usually don't see this dainty sparrow until we get snow, so that was a nice surprise.

It seems that things are starting to move forward with the transition to Biden, thankfully.  Both Michigan and Pennsylvania have certified the results which means that they are bound to appoint Electors who will vote for Biden.  Without these two states, there really isn't a path forward for Trump, although I fully expect he'll continue to spew conspiracy theories and lawsuits until he's escorted from the White House in January.  Well, at least the Biden team now has the access they need to move forward with a transition.  I just wan this whole thing to be done.

I continue to feel very much on edge this week.  I guess it's to be expected but it's a disconcerting feeling nonetheless.  Yuck.

And, in Mouse News... two more mice trapped in the basement this morning.  One of them looked a bit bigger and didn't have the baby face that the others have had, so maybe we've finally caught Mama.  We'll see.  In any event, both of them scampered off into the woods when I opened the traps.  I think this makes 8.  SIgh.

Governor Cuomo did another Press Briefing today which I enjoyed watching.  He's like a dose of calm for me.

Stay safe.  Be kind.


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