Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A 'Dee in the Tree

I gave myself a little break (and the pup some crate time) and went outside with the d850 for a little while today. The light is really quite lovely this time of year as the sun travels across the sky very low.  So even in the middle of the day, good photos are possible.  I wish I'd seen something extraordinary, but it was mostly all titmice and chickadees with a side of juncos and white-throated sparrows.  The blue jays that are resident right now are spooky and won't come down from the trees when I'm out.  Alas.  But, I am always happy when I can get a shot of one of our chickadees where 1) the whites aren't blown, and 2) you can see a catchlight in the eye.  In this case, the last few orange leaves on the cherry tree give some color and interest to the background.

The pup got overly wound up playing last night and had an accident - he was promptly whisked outside.  It would be completely unrealistic to expect him to be accident-free at only 4.5 months old.  That said, I'll be glad when we reach a point where we don't constantly watch for little leaks.  He has been a good boy today - a nice rotation of naps and play time.  He is still not sure why the cats don't want to play, but he definitely understands their vocalizations now.  

I've had a pain in my left breast for a couple of weeks now - ranging from a sharp, stabbing pain to more of a dull ache.  I finally called my oncologist today and she called me back promptly.  She asked a bunch of questions, discussed the possibility of a pulmonary embolism (although I don't have the other symptoms for this).  I am scheduled to see her next Friday for my quarterly visit so we left it that I will keep that appointment unless the pain gets worse or additional symptoms occur.  My thought was that it may be nerve regrowth, assuming that some nerve damage occurred during radiation.  Anyway, not life threatening, but definitely irritating and mildly concerning.  

Tomorrow morning I am taking off a few hours from Puppy Duty to meet a couple of friends for a walk.  It's going to be cold, but I look forward to getting out and taking some photos and catching up.  

Meanwhile, we are counting down to Thanksgiving - 2 more days!  And before you know it, we will be saying adieu to 2021.

Dark with burnt toffee today.  It's almost gone, so I am savoring small pieces to make it last.


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