Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Mono Monday - Candid

Thanks to Laurie54 for providing the theme this week, and to Jax for providing the shot.I almost always have iPhone ready when I’m
Playing with the boy because…you never know. So today we were playing chase with a new plush toy and working on the “bring it” command. He ran over and flipped in his side and I held the toy up. And then this happened. Those are his adult teeth, I think. And I will put one other shot in Extra - I think it’s hilarious but Hubs said it was too scary.

Jax is curled up on the sofa now, all tuckered out from the recent play. Hopefully I can get a few things done while he’s being all chill.

We’ve finally made a plan for Thanksgiving. It will just be Hubs, SIL and I so a turkey dinner seems like overkill. But turkey lasagna sounds perfect! And Hubs makes a killer lasagna.

Time to straighten up a bit and maybe try to sweep. There are toys everywhere and the house really looks like it’s been through a tornado.

I think plain dark today


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