Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Snuggling with Daddy

Do you know, our human Mummy did not go outside at all today; she said it was cold and damp even though the temperature at GMT noon today was ten degrees Celsius. I went out three times and came in again after just a few minutes; my Mummy was right, it was cold and damp.
Victoria visited this morning, we like Victoria and I sat on her lap. I was being very good as it is nearly Christmas and I hope we get some new toys and treats. We both had to have a new collar recently as I lost mine in the garden so I do not suppose we will get another new one.    
Today’s picture is of me snuggling with my human Daddy. Florence is sitting on Mummy; they are watching television during the evening. The snuggling with Daddy is one-sided and I have to keep patting his hand to make him stroke me.
Stay warm and safe my cat and doggie friends.

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