By Cumbrialass

Sunday stroll , afternoon editing

A gloomy day.. but the drizzle eased off. Our usual walk with a call into Aldi as we had run out of bananas and washing up liquid.  An interesting combination.  

The cotoneaster in our garden was looking stunning as the leaves have turned as red as the berries and the cotinus behind. I went out with my ' proper camera's as M calls it. Rather too gloomy to take any photo really but I did catch the dark rich red.   I will have another try tomorrow, but overnight winds have already stripped a lot of leaves off most of our trees so it was a matter of catch it while you can.

I was feeling very critical of my photos so while M watched Harry Potter I've been deleteing from the 3700 I have in one album.. really too many.. But as I worked my way through it has rekindled pleasant memories.. and so Ive  kept many photos  for just that reason even if they're not classed as 'great photos'

Thank you for the stars and comments. They're always appreciated.   :)

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