By HeidiHH


This morning I woke up to horrible migraine. I knew it was too far up to take medicine as I'd throw it up in few minutes. Which I did. So I had to wait until I was able to hold the medicine down. I was up from 6 am and was able to have my first coffee after 3 pm which states how sick I was.

Anyway after watching tv for few hours I had to do something, so I started to play with the inner tubes. I did a table cloth (or continued one I started yesterday), did these flowers that are in the picture and I did a bow for my hubby (of which he doesn't even know about but if we get a invitation to a party, I'll make him wear it). I also crocheted a container / storage space for bathroom. That too I had started earlier, but finished today. So all and all in the end it was pretty productive day.

I still have a headache after 2 ibuprofens and 1 migraine tablet. I feel so much better, but have not trained today and I just hope I'll be fine tomorrow.

It was lovey warm day today with temperature rising to 21°C. At 8 pm it's still 17°C. At noon we took the dogs for an hours slow walk so I and them would get some fresh air. We're expected to have max temperatures at 20°C - 21°C for a week and then we'll return to bit cooler temps. So it should be a great week for outdoor activities.

Tomorrow Amazon hopefully will bring my 3D paint set!

If you wanna see what I have crafted today visit my Instagram:

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