Another dismal wet day. But I made the effort and walked down to the village to attend Fitness Class.  It was tough as I have missed two weeks.  After the class ended Kathleen asked me and another lady if we would like to go to Wetherspoons for a coffee.  It made a change to sit and chat for a while as we usually don't get the chance to talk much at class.  We spent about an hour there.  I didn't need any shopping so I came straight home afterwards.

I didn't go to Slimming Group.  I weighed myself this morning to discover I have gained 16 pounds since 4th November.  I wasn't surprised considering what I have eaten in the past 3 weeks.  But I'm back " on plan " as of today and I will go back to my Slimming Group when I have lost a few pounds.  If I put my mind to it I'm quite capable of losing weight without going to the meetings but I will certainly go back in a few weeks as I do enjoy going.

I listened to the football on the radio this evening.  Newcastle were playing away against Aston Villa.  Newcastle lost 2 - 0.  Enough said.

The Mono Monday challenge today is Beauty.  I have lots of beautiful things around me but I have either blipped them before or I was unable to get a good shot of them in Mono. So I decided to blip Rosa - my beautiful ( to me anyway ) baby doll.  I have had her for a while but she hasn't been blipped before.  Thanks to MerrilHope  for hosting the challenge.

Musical link Oh, You Beautiful Doll By Rosemary Clooney

Steps today - 11,824

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