Jenners Tree

Another dark morning and another busy day at the office.  I did get through a few things, but alas there are also things that will still be waiting on me next week when I am back.  I did manage to get out of the office at lunchtime to run an errand.  The downside of this time of year is the queues in the shops and people undertaking complicated transactions, when my shopping was very straightforward.

I left the office later than I wanted to, but at least I only had to heat up tea tonight.  More leftovers.  Our fridge seems to be full of leftovers at the moment.

I also popped into Jenners at lunchtime, to get a photo of the tree for my sister in law.  Last week I read that Jenners could be moving out of this marvellous building.  We will certainly miss the Christmas  tree.

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