Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Tubac Luminarias Nights

This is the Tubac Center of the Arts adorned with special lights known as luminarias.  Translated into Spanish, "festival lights." In New Mexico, where they originated with the Pueblo Indians, the are called farolitos, meaning "small lantern". They are simple to make: place a candle into a paper bag weighed down a bit with sand..

At one time the Roman Catholic Church thought of thm as lights guiding people towards the Christ child and they are often displayed on Christmas Eve.  They are at my church. About 50% of the parishioners are Mexican or of Mexican descent.  Even our priest is Mexican.

These days many people simply enjoy them as the beautiful and peaceful Christmas lights that they are.  Once I broke free of the person I went with I wandered the streets enjoying the lights, music and crisp December air.  If the rain holds off, I may go again tomorrow night.  I'm not sure how this season will go for me but peacefulness will play a huge part.

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